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  • Site and Domain Host

    • I can guide you through setting up an account with (or any other Registrar)
    • Help transferring the domain (if that’s a need)
      • Or help point the domain to the correct servers for the site to go live once its ready
  • Design

    • Installation of Joomla & template
    • Optimization of SEO friendly URLs
    • Removal of unwanted modules
    • Installation and activation of other extensions if wanted
      • Including several of my favorites (optional, all free)
        • JCE Editor (better WYSIWYG toolset)              
        • Google Analytics (keep an eye on your traffic)             
        • Akeeba Backup (easily make backups of your site, just in case)
        • ITP Float Share (easy Facebook, Twitter, etc... share buttons on every page you want)
        • Facebook Slide Box (show facebook like box on all pages in a side slide tab, featured on my site)
        • Rok Search (very advance search bar)
        • Rok Twittie (show your tweets on your site)
        • Rok Comments (enable comments on your site, used Disqus commenting system, SEO friendly text)
        • SecurityCheck (makes sure everything installed is up to date and not causing security risks)
    • Build of all pages, content and menu items
    • Integration with Facebook if desired
    • Insertion of all imagery, especially but not limited to the home page
    • Tweaking of colors, CSS, HTML and any styles that need to be adjusted
    • Training for any who will need to edit or update the site
      • Including:
        • Editing existing pages
        • Adding new pages and menu items
        • Uploading and inserting images
        • Linking text and images to other pages
        • Adding new extensions (if this is needed)
    • Tweaking and adjusting after site live
      • This will be available for a month after site live, because we all know that for something big like a website we'll probably forget something we wanted and then the site goes live and you'll be all like "Oh shoot, Nate, I forgot, we need a picture of a frog on the home page!" No worries, I got ya covered.
    • All this is what I charge for, and although I normally start at quoting $800, of course this can be discussed and I work with business' budgets.
  • Other

    • Submit Domain to Google Site Map for indexing once domain is live
    •  nstallation of Google Analytics for tracking site performance
    • Install free Google Analytics extension in editor for site for easy access of traffic data
    • Install free backup extension to easily restore site in case of catastrophe
  • What I use:

    • Joomla

      • I build websites using the content management system called Joomla, the most widely used CMS on the planet (literally).  
      • Because it’s so popular, there are hundreds of extensions that can be installed to add to the functionality to your website, most of them are free, some require a purchase.
      • Using Joomla adds greatly to the potential of your website AND flexibility and options to what you can do with the site.
      •  Don’t want ecommerce now but might want it later?  That’s why Joomla is so great, because you can get a site now and save on cost upfront by NOT having ecommerce, but add it in later using an extension.
      • Plus, it’s free!
    • Rocket Theme

      • Rocket Theme templates for Joomla are the best out there, a few of them are free, but most of them are $50, but it’s worth it. Their structure is the best designed and the easiest to manipulate and adjust for each project.
  • What you get

    • A really well designed website for a one time, low cost fee.
    • Training for:
      • adding unlimited pages
      •  uploading images and inserting to pages
      •  Facebook page integration
      • Keeping site, home page etc... optimized for search engines
    •     * And, hopefully we’ll have some fun along the way.



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