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Here's how it works.

  1. Register for my site over here. (make sure to put in an email address that you use on a daily basis)

  2. Share the Website Form with people you think might want a site.(don't share THIS page with them...they would get confused).  You can use the share buttons at the top, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc... Or you can just copy the URL (webpage location at the top of your browser) and send it to someone you know through email.

  3. Hopefully some of them fill out a form on my site to see about getting a website from me. If they do, I'll give you %20 off one of my photos!

  4. If they sign up with me and I end up building a site for them, I will pay you $50. No, I'm not kidding.

  5. This goes for people who already have sites with me as well, of course.


(note, if someone signs up for a site with me, I will defiantely try to find out who reffered them to me. However, it will be ultimately up to you to say "Hey! I see you made a site for those gusy, I sent them to you, where's my money?" Then I will give you money :)


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