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frontThis is one of those stories that starts with the main character waking up to something happening...and he’s not sure what, but he’s pretty damn sure he doesn’t like it.

Do you know that sound your car makes when it hits the rumble strips on the side of a four lane highway? Now, put yourself in the passenger seat with your eyes closed and listen to that sound. Awful isn’t it? You don’t know what’s going to happen, you don’t know if the driver fell asleep, or if they died or if he just doesn’t have control of the vehicle anymore, you just don’t know!

I opened my eyes and saw grass. Normally, grass is a nice thing to see. It’s green and soft and fun to roll around in....

But not so fun to see when you’re in a Home Furniture deliver truck. What you’re supposed to see out of the wind shield is the road, that’s it. Not grass, that’s bad. My driver, we’ll call him...Karl (he's  in the truck waiving hi), had lost control of the truck and we were now in the ditch between the two lanes of the four lane highway.

insideSo, he did what any good driver would do, try to get it out of the ditch, and he did. The only problem is that the truck was so long that even though the front end was going strait and back on the road, the back end still had momentum and was coming around fast.

This is what you would call, bad. When I say “truck” I don’t mean a small pickup truck. I mean a fully loaded delivery truck. The back end kept coming around, forcing the front end of the truck back towards the ditch we just came out of. It kept spinning to the point that as we re-entered the ditch, we were pointed exactly backwards.

All that was scary enough, but the dumbest part of all this was that because of our angle, speed and probably because god wanted to teach us a lesson in the subject of “shit just might get real any second”, the truck rolled over upside down!

sideYou read that right, we not only put a deliver truck in the ditch backwards, pointing the wrong way on a highway, but UPSIDE DOWN. Needless to say, the furniture didn’t make it.

We were both fine however, I only suffered a broken toe, first and only bone I’ve ever broken to date.

Moral? Don’t sleep in the truck.

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