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Now that I have a really good camera (Nikon D 5100), I take it to work everyday just in case. Of course I heard lakewalkwe might get a blizzard in Duluth the night before, but by midnight there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, just a lot of cold air.

But by the morning the ground was piling up with snow, blowing drifts into my car and generally making it all blizzardy. I took some shots on the way to work, but then I went out during lunch and then after work down to the lake and took some more shots.

The one’s during lunch didn’t work out too well because the snow stuck to my lens. But all that snow made focusing difficult and the photos sucked. So, I went back out after work and retook some and I think they turned out better.

One thing that was super nice was that the Nikon D 5100 shoots REALLY fast, so I set it on “Continuous” and just took like ten shots in just a few seconds (or less).

This made it a lot easier to get the perfect action shot of our awesome lake (and I mean awesome in the original, awe inspiring sense). I will be adding these shots for sale soon, you can subscribe to my photo feed in the header or here.



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