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frenchconnectionsThe French Connection - 1971

The original car chase movie. Not the first, but definitely the standard. This movie has influenced excellent movies involving car chases including Batman Begins since the 70s. A good crime investigation movie as well. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend checking it out if you can find it. Similar to Drive because of the very well done car chase scenes.




heatHeat - 1995

Robert De Niro and Al Pacino co star in this violent,  bank heist movie. Al Pacino plays a cop trying to find De Niro, the leader of the bank robbers. Both men have complicated relationships with the women they love and both struggle balancing their “jobs” with their personal lives. Similar to Drive in that it depicts lives affected by organized, criminal organizations and the women who love the men involved.




roninRonin - 1998

Robert De Niro stars in this heist, car chase movie. The long car chase alone in this movie is worth the watch, but the intrigue and heist planning is fun too. Obviously influenced by The French Connection, and probably influenced some of the chase scenes in the Bourne series.





takenTaken - 2008

A few car chases, but mostly Liam Neeson just kicks a lot of bad guy ass while working his way up through the criminal underground organization, leaving behind a huge body count, in order to get his daughter back. Similar to Drive in systematic fight against a criminal organization, and the fight to keep a loved one safe.





thetownThe Town - 2010

Ben Aflac wrote and directed The Town, and plays a likable criminal who has a sweet spot for an attractive woman who was a witness to a bank heist he was involved with. Their relationship gets complicated, to say the least. Similar to Drive in that the main character is a nice guy attracted to a nice girl who just happens to be a violent criminal.

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