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chronicleShort review:

Probably the best “found footage” movie ever. Decent acting, good plot and character development. If you missed it in the theaters, then you should pick it up on DVD.

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Long Review:

The found footage style didn't start with Blair Witch but it was definitely popularized by it. Then we had Cloverfield by J.J. Abrams, which could have been really awesome…but wasn't.  The style was a perfect way to showcase goofy college students stumbling onto some creepy horror plot in the woods, but didn't work so well with a big New York monster movie trying to capture what we loved about the Tokyo Godzilla movies.

So, the question is, will a found footage style work for a movie about high school students with super powers? Yes…yes it will.

Chronicle features three high school friends who discover a cave with an extra terrestrial object that gives them nose bleeds and the ability to move objects with their minds. This movie does go the super hero rout, but approaches the idea of people gaining super powers in a more realistic way in that the first thing they think of doing with it is playing pranks on each other, seeing if they can hurt each other, and really freaking out their classmates and enemies. This is most likely what would actually happen if your teenage kids gained telekinetic powers. Not using it for good and fighting crime, but steeling your keys from your pocket with their mind to use your car on their next date.

This movie isn't all that innovative. It’s not the first movie to feature people with super powers that aren't being super hero’s (Jumper was another one). And it’s not the first movie to ask the question “what would happen if someone got a superpower…and they weren't exactly stable…?” (Akira was another movie that did this). However, it IS a good watch and I fully recommend it. Especially if you enjoy films that stretch the boundaries of their budget in creative ways.

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