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thetownIf you like heist movies with guns, good actingm, great dialogue, then you should watch The Town. If you don’t, then watch Gigli.  


  • The Town: Directed by:
    • Ben Aflack. He also wrote and starred in it. (he’s a multi-talented jerk is what he is).


Yes, I liked it. There, are you happy!? “But Nate, I thought you didn’t like the growing proliferation of the post modern anti-hero?” Yeah, shut up. I don’t. But it was just so dang good.

Here’s the bottom line, With good acting, dialogue, script, action, interesting characters and fun interaction, you just have to like these guys. But... it IS violent, and not at all a believable plot.

Here’s how it starts. Ben Aflack and his friends are robbing a bank, when something goes a bit wrong (*which one’s go right in Hollywood anyway?) and the woman who is forced to let them into the vault is now the FBI’s key witness into the robbery. Therefor, it is decided that someone has to follow her and make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid like try to help the FBI. So our main character, protagonist, the aforementioned “anti-hero” played by Aflack, follows her into a laundry mat. They make small talk, she starts crying, and in a moment of being a decent human being, he asks what’s wrong.

This kick starts a relationship between Aflack and this woman, who, you may remember, was the victim of the heist, that Aflack was the leader of. Most relationships are a bit complicated, but throw on a bit of “hey I kinda like you, remember that time when I had a gun and made you open a vault so I could steal money?” on top, then things mike get a little weird. [Spoiler] Of course, in the movie, she doesn’t know he was one of the bank robbers right away. I’ll let you discover what she does when she does find out.

In spite of the ridiculous relationship dynamics, and the cliche’ FBI and police never being as smart as the bank robbers, this is a good flick and I recommend seeing it, especially if you liked Heat.

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