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intimeGo see it. Not perfect, but not awful, definitely of the time. (pun intended)

Everyone stops aging at 25, in order to control the population, the new currency is time. Only the rich live forever, and only that guy from Nsync and some good SNL sketches can set things right.

What’s in it?

Rated PG-13 for Action, running around, guns, shooting, car chases, running in high heels, one strip poker scene but bras are left on (thankfully, don’t let those things out), gratuitous non-subtle commentary on the inequalities of the distribution of wealth, gratuitous leather trench coat wearing, graphic pretty person syndrome (there is literally no one not pretty in this movie, no one is over the age of 25).

  • Directed by: Andrew Niccol

    • He also directed: Gattaca, The Trueman Show, The Terminal and Lord of War
  • Notable actors:

    • Cillian Murphy: you know him from Batman as the Scarecrow, or perhaps from 28 Days Later, Sunshine, Red Eye
    • Justin Timberlake: you know him from Nsync, having dated Britteny Spears for a while,  countless SNL sketches (including, but not limited to Dick in a Box and Motherlover), and also being Justin Timberlake
    • Amanda Sefried: You might know her from Mama Mia, Mean Girls, Red Riding Hood, and Jennifer’s Body
    • Olivia Wilde: You know her from House, Tron and Cowboys and Aliens

From the same guy who wrote and directed Gattaca, we get another distopian future, this one is much less...boring. (Seriously, although I know people love Gattaca because it’s smart and heady...does it have to be THAT boring?!). It’s a combination of Bonnie and Clyde, costuming from the Matrix (the first one), Robin Hood, with a bit of The Island thrown in for good measure.

Andrew Niccol (the writer and director) may have realized that although he could write a very interesting and heady movie discussing the costs of progress and social problems with future technologies (as in his previous distopian movie Gattaca), people won’t watch it if its boring, no matter how pretty Ethan Hawk is.

But in this new one, In Time he almost over corrects with too much action, but then, at least people are watching it.

What’s it about?

Through medical innovation, they’ve wiped out all diseases, cancers, etc... no one dies of old age or sickness. The ONLY way someone dies is through an accident or murder. You can imagine what the affect to the population might be. So, instead of gladiator type Fight Clubs to the death as a way of solving the population issue (well, now that might be an interesting, crappy movie), everyone is born with a clock in their arm that doesn’t start counting down until you reach twenty five. Then, if you aren't rich, you only have one day left, and have to earn more.  This technology isn’t explained, it’s just assumed that it works. This is fine, since sci-fi movies have been doing this since Star Wars. How does the Millennium Falcon go past lightspeed? Who cares, it’s the Millenium Falcon, that’s not the point. Just watch the damn movie.

Time, therefore, becomes the currency the economy is based on, and the rich have a ton of it, and the poor are constantly living with only a few hours left, always trying to earn more time by doing odd jobs and complaining about the prices ot things going up because it has a direct affect on their lifespan.

Is it good?

Yes, it’s good. You should watch it. Especially because of how relevant it is now what with the Occupy Wallstreet movement and the discussion about the One Percantanters. Whatever your opinion on the “Job Creators” (aka, the rich) are, and whether or not they should pay a bit more to support an infrastructor that we all live in, you'll have to agree that not only is this movie will be entertaining, it brings up the issue of inequality in a way that is pretty creative.

It’s not perfect, however. One complaint I have is that the reason they need to control the population is never really discussed, and that reason is resources. Food, energy, living space, all of that is never really discussed as a reason for the population to be controlled. And therefor, an arguement is never made that with the progress of innovation and technology, why can't we work out how to support more people instead of killing them off. But, aside from this, it’s pretty cool.

Here’s what Bob thinks from Escapist Magazine

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