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captainamericaThe First Avenger, little guy, big heart, bullet proof shield, shoots a gun, not that great, but pretty kick ass.

  • Directed by
    • Joe Johnston
      • Other movies: Jumanji (ok), Jurassic Park III (alright), October Sky (never saw it)
  • Notable Actors:
    • Chris Evans: Fantastic Four (eh), Not Another Teen Movie, Sunshine (ah, that’s where I remember him...that’s a weird one)
    • Hayley Atwell: Duchess, Brideshead Revisted
    • Sebastian Stan: (you know he’s arrogant when his first name is longer than his last). Black Swan, Hot Tub Time Machine
    • Tommy Lee Jones: You know him from being Tommy Lee Jones

I was worried that this movie would be about how people without ripped, hot abs can’t do anything, but once you have that hot body that even strait guys want to touch, bam, now you’re a hero.  Well, it’s almost like that, but not quite.  

The premise is this, a small dude who loves his country and wants to fight for it can’t because he’s too small. He is then signed up for an experimental military experiment (so many awful movies based on that premise) to make him...bigger, stronger and faster. Tommy Lee Jones plays a military man who just wants to use someone who is already big who follows orders. But the smart German scientist knows if you make a bully bigger, that’s a bad thing. So he picks someone who he knows is just simply a good guy. That’s where our hero comes in.

This is a good premise and I’m behind it. The rest of the movie, however,  It’s fun, don’t get me wrong, and it’s not as bad as the first Hulk (the one without Edward Norton), but it’s not as good as Iron Man.

I NEVER fall asleep to movies, I love them too much...and I kinda fell asleep during this one. It was fun, but a little too ridiculous. And Agent Smith as the bad guy is a little, well, done before. “So, you’re Captain America, now, Mr. Anderson...”


I obviously didn’t like it as much as Movie Bob, from Escapist Magazine (who loved it). I normally agree with what he says, but he didn’t like Super 8 (which I loved), so maybe we don’t agree on everything.

But over all, if you’ve liked all the other Marvel/Avenger movies, than you should see this one. But I’m glad I waited to rent it.  Stay for the credits, though, as there is a preview for the Avenger movie...which should be pretty freekin’ awesome.

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