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Inner city hoodlums that should be in school and not selling weed... vs. aliens.  A little bit of action, a little bit of comedy, kids swearing, smacking alien heads with baseball bats. What’s not to like?

What's in it?

  • Aliens, violence, kids swearing, blood, fireworks, skatebooards, and Ron's Weed Room
    • "What's that?", "It's a room, with a lot of weed, and it's Ron's."

Directed by:

  • Joe Cornish
    • He also directed Hot Fuzz (you should see it right now if you haven’t seen it. If you have, see it again, shut up, its awesome).
  • Notable Actors:
    • Nick Frost: he’s that guy in Sean of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and the series they did together called Spaced. You like him.

What would happen if a bunch of aliens crash landed in your neighborhood? Would you run and hide? Or, like any good, self respecting zombie slayer, grab you machete hidden under your bead, your baseball bat you haven’t used since little league, or maybe throw in some illegal fireworks for good measure?  

attacktheblockkidsinmindYeah. That. Let’s do that second one.

That is exactly what these kids do. Right after they rob a woman and steel her wallet. Wait, the main characters are bad? No, they’re kids...up to no good...making trouble in the in one little fight...okay okay I’ll stop.

This movie is all about the character development for the protagonists, the main characters. The movie starts with the kids robbing a scared woman and progresses from there to the point where they are saving that same woman’s life and actually getting to know her.  

This is a small budget, British movie and its awesome. There’s no CG aliens here, just good fun story, action, and in camera special effects.

attacktheblockrtThis reminds me those fun kids movies that we all grew up with in the 80s, but more...violence and killing. So, I guess sort of like Stand by Me...but no, not really. More like Monster Squad where a group of kids gather together to fight off Dracula, the creature from the lagoon, wolf man, and some vampire chicks. (good watch that one, classic).

I recommend this one if anything just because it’s different from most anything you’ll see this year.

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