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Hm... you probably clicked on this to find out more about me... which means I should tell you about me...

My name is Nathan R. Carlsen (as you can see on the right in the Facebook widget thingy). Why "The Rollerskate"? I'm sure you're wondering. I wish I could tell you it has something to do with a fight with a bear, or a shark, or a bear-shark with a chain saw and me somehow killing it before it eats me and a bunch of kittens. But it's actually because of a college friend of mine, Konrad, who called me "Nate nate rollerskate", yes, just 'cus it rymed. So... when i decided to make a website, I used it. Yep, that's it, that's the only reason. I don't rollerskate, or inline skate, or skate board, or ice skate. Nothing like that. Just 'cus it rhymes. Now you know.

If you're not a friend of me on Facebook, or an actual friend of mine in real life, then you probably don't know yet that I am very uncomfortable around people, especially people who are prettier than me, and smarter than me, and people who make me cry... and that covers most women actually.

Ok, enough kidding around. What do you say when people ask "what do you do?" Normally people answer with what their job is, or occupation (which, in my case, is Customer Service at 50 Below, and if you want to get a Powersports Website, sorry, you gotta go through them).

But... that's not what I do, or who I am. Let me be bluntly honest here, I am a member and one of many leaders of the Duluth Vineyard Church. This is what I do, this is the most important thing that I am, a follower of Jesus. So... where the heck do I go from there?  Well, everything I do I try to make sure that I am still following, including this website.


I will write more about this later, but one of the biggest things I feel that God is asking me to do in my life is fight Human Trafficking and Prostitution (I know, this BIG, and I can't do it alone). Which is why I'm so glad that we now have the Duluth Human Trafficking Task, of which I am a part of as a member of the Community Subcommittee.

After covering the cost of my site, I hope to raise money to fight for this cause, but even right now, with out even buying anything from me, you can go to Pavsa's site and donate to help stop violence against women, and fight human trafficking in the Northland.

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